where_is_the_cyberpunk_we_were_promised? If technology will save the world then the road to the future is littered with empty promises. We order everything from groceries, laptops, clothing, and books from the convenience of entrepreneurial online platforms while the labor performed within these networks in warehouses and shipping centers is comfortably obfuscated. Social media and dating apps promise to establish real and deep human to human connections by swiping right, liking, and reposting through late capitalist ennui. For critical discourse, scroll down to the comments and don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe. But, where are the jetpack races through neon lit city skylines? Giant mecha and clean renewable energy? The means to the end of food insecurity, racial and economic justice, and cures for disease are now well-worn tropes of sci-fi utopia. Instead, here and now in the pre-apocalypse, we are left with the rusting hulks of Theranos prototypes, 3d printed ghost gun files, and billionaires colonizing space in a race to flee a dying planet.